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Apply / Nominate someone to become an Executive Board Member

The Executive Board is composed of the officers elected by the general membership at the February general membership meeting.  The officers are responsible for the daily operation of the Association as described in the officers’ duties.  Each officer will attend all meetings unless there is an emergency and they are unable to attend.  Each officer will also submit a small article for the quarterly newsletter by the date set by the secretary.  Each officer’s term is for two years except for the past president and the student representative position which are one-year terms.  Officers will conduct themselves professionally when handling association business.  Officers must be an active member (or student member for the student representative position) to hold an office

Apply by submitting a letter explaining why you are applying to become a board member. If you are nominating someone write a letter explaining why you are nominating them. Send us your letter to by January 20th, 2025. Your letter will be added to our newsletter to our next AVTA newsletter..


1. Must be an active member of the Arkansas Veterinary Technician Association.

2. Active members are members who are licensed Veterinary Technicians in good standing with their respective veterinary medical examining board.  These members pay dues annually, can vote and are eligible to hold an office


The following describes the duties of each of the officers:

President: The office of President is the primary person responsible for the business operation of the Association, communicating with members and presides over the general membership meetings and the Executive Board meetings. The President is responsible for organizing and mailing out the quarterly newsletter.   The President automatically succeeds the Past President at the end of their term.

Vice President: The Vice President is responsible for the performance of the Presidents’ duties in the absence of the President.  The Vice President will perform any tasks assigned to them by the President.  The Vice President position automatically succeeds the current president at the end of their term. The Vice President is also responsible for all non-financial correspondence for the Associations’ business activities. They shall regularly check the status of and reply to any emails sent to the Association via the address  They will also oversee the Associations online presence via Facebook, Instagram, and on our website The Vice President provides meeting notes of all general membership and Executive Board meetings.  These notes/minutes will be recorded in a Vice President’s book and will be available for the general membership to review upon request. The Vice President is responsible for building the news letter for each quarter.


Treasurer: The Treasurer is responsible for all the funds of the association.  The Treasurer shall maintain a detailed listing of the clubs’ membership and dues records.  The Treasurer shall report to the membership and publish a summary report in the Associations’ newsletter.  The Treasurer shall maintain a record which they shall make available for inspection within five calendar days of his or her receipt of a written request from any member or a written or verbal request for such an inspection from the Executive Board.  The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the bank account (both physical and online (PayPal) with the current Treasurer and Presidents’ names on the account.  The Treasurer will be responsible for mailing out payments and reimbursements within 10 business days of notification.  The President or Vice-President may perform the duties of Treasurer as required.

NAVTA Representative: The NAVTA Representative shall receive and disseminate information and updates to the state association from NAVTA.  The representative shall also submit a state update to NAVTA annually on the state of affairs in Arkansas.   The NAVTA Representative will also perform any tasks assigned to them by the President.


Student Representative: The Student Representative will provide an update on their SCNAVTA chapter to be put into the quarterly newsletters. The Student Representative will also support the other officers as deemed necessary by the President.

Open Board Positions 2025

  • Student Representative Term 2025-2026

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